"The Cheese Lady"

Meet Sarah Kaufmann a.k.a. "The Cheese Lady"

“Cheese found me!” quips Sarah Kaufman, a.k.a. “The Cheese Lady”. The Wisconsin-born, self-professed cheese head came into her unique profession and medium – naturally. The multi-talented artisan chiseled her first fromage back in 1981 as a commercial artist for The American Diary Association of Wisconsin/Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. Her cheesy m-o-o-o-n lighting business took off in 1996. “I was so busy carving cheese that I had to quit my real job to have time to do my unreal job of carving cheese!” And she’s been sculpting cheese across the U.S. ever since. Sarah has sculpted at supermarkets, tradeshows, conventions, sporting events, hall of fame celebrations, TV network talk and news shows, for social media, blogs, state fairs, festivals, and special events of all kinds – birthdays, weddings, bah mitzvahs, anniversaries, retirements – “You name it, I’ve carved for it.”

The Cheese Lady confidently boasts well over 4,000 sculptures…and then she lost count. She has carved everything from 2-pound cheese pets to dozens of 40-pound cheese head celebrities to     500-pound Alaskan animals to a 1,200-pound astronaut, cheese Santa’s and Bucky Badger to a  3,500-pound cheese cow to a 12,500-pound mammoth Texas dragon. “You never know what, or who, you will find in a block of cheese!” states Kaufman. This includes two Guinness World Records for World’s Largest Cheese Carving – her first record set in 2011 at 925 pounds, her second set in 2011 at  3121 pounds!

Small, medium, large or gigantic – cheese sculptures are show-stoppers and guaranteed media magnets attracting camera, interviews, headlines, hits, tweets, clips, posts, selfies, O-O-O-OHs and A-H-H-Hs wherever they appear, and Sarah Kaufman is the premier cheese chiseler to make the magic happen.