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Celebrities (8)

I carved this likeness of Harry Connick Jr. on his show.

Howie, Terry, etc

08.01.2018 Written by

I carved these four heads during my Spuer Bowl appearance

Jon Stewart

13.02.2018 Written by

I carved this likeness of Jon Stewart in May of 2014

Here I am with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog on their cooking show.

Mike McCarthy

30.10.2017 Written by

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy

Here I am with President George W Bush at the Republican Party gathering oa the Oscar Center in 2007

Ripley's in Times Square


Undeniably Dairy

28.09.2017 Written by

This carving was done at the Indiana State Fair 2017

1480 pounds of Yellow and white Indiana Cheddar

7 feet wide, 56" tall at top of five-scoop ice cream cone tower.