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This article appeared after I carved at the NY State Fair in 2011

I wint to Hollywood to appear on the Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog show

This was my carving of the Big Ten Trophy

This article was about my carving of the USS Ronald Reagan

Here are some newspaper clippings ....

This article appeared in Food Network Magazine

I was a guest on the Good Mythical Morning Show and carved a "Nazi".  You won't believe what the hosts did to my creation...



Twice I set the world record for sculpting the largest-ever block of cheese in the world.  The first time was a carving at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2011.  It was 925 pounds and that allowed me to be listed in the Guinnes Book of World Records. The second time it was a 4013 pound block of cheddar, which I carved for Stew Leonards's Grocery Store in East Meadow Long Island in 2018.  It still currently stands as the largest cheese sculpture ever in the Guinness Book of World Records..